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Czech Asian Forum Guest Speaking at EuroChambers Market Entry Conference on Singapore, Warsaw


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Why is Czech-Asian Forum an event not to be missed by You?

In todays world when globalization in some sense touches all of us, even companies that used to service very precisely defined local market and did not have to, or did not want to expand nowadays become global players. There are various reasons to this phenomenum: the necessity to find new suppliers in order to optimize the costs, change of the previous customers that develop into world players and their suppliers must follow their strategy in order not to lose them, or the need to fight competition that used to be far away, but now is next door. Number of European businesses seek opportunities to access Asian market, either to develop sales network or start production in supposingly less costly environment. This is not an easy process and for that reason, not everybody tries and by far not everybody is successful. Likewise, many Asian producers look for optimal ways of how to access and service European market and face similar troubles like Europeans in Asia. Czech – Asian Forum is a platform that helps to bring you closer to your goals in Czech – Asian cooperation. Starting by presenting majority of Asian states, their competitive advantages and systems of doing and supporting business, all the way through assessing their position within the world economy to networking Czech businesses with their Asian counterparts and to sharing views, ideas and experience with real business leaders. We touch sensitive issues, like fighting the economic crisis, protection of intelectual property, protection of investments, its support, enforcability of law, checking of credibility of partners, ideal models of financing Czech-Asian cooperation etc.

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